Illusion Travels By Streetcar #48:
Mankiewicz Before Eve (1946-1950)

The cast for episode #48

Barry Anderson
Brian Risselada
Tom Sutpen

This episode was recorded on February 19, 2015

Illusion Travels By Streetcar #47:
The Crime Dramas of Pietro Germi (1946-1959)

The cast for episode #47:

Stuart Collier
Dan Patterson
Brian Risselada
Tom Sutpen

This episode was recorded on February 5, 2015

Illusion Travels By Streetcar #46
The Resurrection of Blake Edwards (1979-1986)

The cast for episode #46:

Barry Anderson
Stuart Collier
Brian Risselada
Tom Sutpen

This episode was recorded on January 29, 2015

Africa Talks to You #7

Original Caption

Helen Keller with Zulu Tribe

South Africa -- As Counselor on International Relations for the American Foundation for Overseas Blind (AFOB), Miss Keller provided guidance and inspiration to the entire program. In 1946 she made the first of her many trips under the auspices of the Foundation to investigate the conditions and needs of blind people in all parts of the world. This year she undertook a 25,000 mile tour of Africa. There she addressed huge gatherings anxious to partake of her experiences concerning the special needs of the blind and deaf and the operation of nationwide programs. Miss Keller is photographed with members of the Zulu Tribe, Durban, Natal, Republic of South Africa. (1951)

Annals of Crime #125

Original Caption:

Washington -- A bomb exploded in a women's restroom in the Pentagon early 5/19. There were no injuries when the explosion blew out 40 feet of the wall into adjoining corridors. The radical Weathermen claimed credit and said it was done to celebrate Ho Chi Minh's birthday. (1972)

The Cool Hall of Fame #275

Johnny Rivers

Out and About with . . . Stanley Kubrick! #12

Family in formal attire sleeping on a subway (1946)

Seminal Image #1115

Vaghe stelle dell'orsa...
(Sandra of a Thousand Delights)
(Luchino Visconti; 1965)

Aftermath: The Old World #2

Original Caption:

Alfried Krupp Speaking with His Plant Workers

Essen -- Western allies may now let munitions king Alfried Krupp remain sole owner of 6000 Million dollars worth of coal mines and steel mills because he can't find anyone wealthy enough to buy them. Krupp was ordered to dispose of his vast holdings as the result of his convictions by a war crimes tribunal on charges of helping to arm Adolf Hitler. Under terms of an agreement Krupp signed in 1954, he was given five years to find suitable buyers. The five years were up, but Krupp had been unable to sell anything. West German Allied Commission now studying disposition of the holdings is expected to report that there is no one with enough money to purchase the armaments empire. The report may force the British, American and french governments to decide whether to cancel their six-year-old order to Krupp. Here he is seen in conversation with workers. (1958)