Annals of Public Performance #36

Sylvie Vartan on Stage at the Olympia Hall, Paris, France, 1968.

The Future is Now #42

1953. Swanson introduces the TV Dinner (and trademarks the name).

Artists in Action #639

Marlene Dietrich dances with a French sailor, July 14, 1944, celebrating Bastille Day.

Treading the Boards #39

Lee J. Cobb, Mildred Dunnock and Arthur Kennedy in original production of Death of a Salesman, 1949.

The Fair: Building a Better Tomorrow #9

The Lucky Strikes Cigarettes and Wonder Bread buildings, seen by day and night.

Dreamland Destinations #4

In Dreamland, your destination may change without notice.

Bedford Falls/Pottersville (It's a Wonderful Life, d. Frank Capra, 1946)

The First Person You See #7

After many glimpses of her hands and profile, we finally see Comtesse Louise's (Danielle Darrieux) lovely face. The Earrings of Madame de... (d. Max Ophüls, 1953)

Artists and Animals #79

Madeleine Carroll and Susie

This Sporting Life #32

Original Caption:

Gene Fullmer receives a crushing right from Neal Rivers during their 10-round bout at Madison Square Garden. Fullmer, a former middleweight champion, would go on to win the bout by a majority decision.

Broadcasters #87

John Chancellor goes mobile for the 1968 Democratic Convention.

The Future is Now #41

In the future, pay phones will be shaped like space capsules. Shortly after, they'll stop existing all together (pay phones and space capsules, that is).

Marilyn in Action #55

Marilyn celebrates the 4th... carefully.

The First Person You See #6

Helen (Kitty Winn), Panic in Needle Park (d. Jerry Schatzberg, 1971)

Dreamland Destinations #3

Burpelson Air Force Base,(Dr. Strangelove, d. Stanley Kubrick, 1964)

Annals of Public Performance #38

Tina Turner performs her part of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue, at the Apollo, 1968.

Before the Age of Multiplexes #21

The Rivoli Theater, New York, NY.

When Legends Gather #627

Gloria Vanderbilt and Truman Capote