Seminal Image # 940

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
(Mike Hodges; 2003)

They Were Collaborators # 578

Geraldine Chaplin and Julie Christie.

They Were an Item #78

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

Welcome to Show Business! #24

Original Caption:

Hollywood -- No horse laughs, please, as you get this behind-the-scenes peek of Audie Murphy riding a stepladder instead of a mustang for a new movie western. An expert rider, Murphy had to switch to the ladder when his horse wouldn't hold still for a close-up shot of the actor in Universal-International's "Hell Bent for Leather." Movie-goers will see only Murphy's face in this sequence. (1959)

The Art of Jazz #93

(Miles Davis All Stars)
(Prestige Records; 1956)

Friends and Family #60

Original Caption:

Washington -- Mafia leader John Dioguardi punches press photographer Stanley Tretick after being ordered out of the Senate hearing room for causing a commotion. Dio had been called to testify before the Senate Rackets Committee on his alleged leadership of labor racketeering in New York. (1957)

Jesters of the Republic #34

Allan Sherman

Africa Talks to You #1

Original Caption:

Johannesburg -- Sofiatown, a suburb which was the residential area for natives working in Johannesburg, will soon be bulldozed to make way for a housing development for white people. Here is a typical store in Sofiatown, with a slogan painted on its side indicating the feeling of the present residents. (1955)

B is for Beaton #22

Sacheverell, Edith and Osbert Sitwell

The Fair: Peace Through Understanding #2

Original Caption:

New York -- Audience members sit in grandstands known as the People's Wall, in the IBM Pavilion at the New York City World's Fair. A mechanical system raised the 500 seat grandstands within the building so that the audience could watch a film on the inner workings of computer logic. (1964)

Seminal Image #939

He Walked By Night
(Alfred L. Werker, Anthony Mann; 1948)

Aftermath: U.S.A. #9

Original Caption:

Washington -- This fiberglass-reinforced plastic portable shelter was unveiled here today. Designed for both military personnel and equipment, it is composed of 12 separated sections, each interchangeable with any other. It can be erected or dismantled by 3 men in 30 to 45 minutes. Each 20-foot shelter can comfortably accommodate 12 men barracks-style, or 20 in field conditions. Here Lola Council, of Cruger, MS, a Secretary in the Adjutant General's office, uses a mallet to test strength. (1950)

Before and After #189: Martin Scorsese



The Art of Cinema #393

The Big Heat
(Fritz Lang; 1953)

Adventures in the Fight Racket #29

Today's Adventure:

Original Caption:

New York -- Dr. John E. Crisp, one of the three chief surgical residents of New York's Roosevelt Hospital, points to a skull x-ray of welterweight boxing champion Benny 'Kid' Paret, who underwent brain surgery as a result of injuries sustained during his title bout with Emile Griffith on March 24 (1962)

Broadcasters #69

William Pierce

Visionary Film #21

The Queen
(Frank Simon; 1968)

Artists in Action #509

Alfred Hitchcock yawns

Seminal Image #938

The Tamarind Seed
(Blake Edwards; 1974)

Twilight of the Dreamboats #10

Richland, WA (1956)

The Art of Jazz #92

Bernstein Plays Brubeck Plays Bernstein
(The Dave Brubeck Quartet, w. The New York Philharmonic Orchestra; Leonard Bernstein, cond.)
(Columbia Records; 1960)

Men of God #18

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Nuns Gone Wild #12

Original Caption:

Anaheim -- Catholic School Day at Disneyland and Sisters Mary William and Mary Alfred take the first elephant as Sisters Mary Yvonne and Mary Joachin follow close behind as they join the children in a ride on "Dumbo" the flying elephant at Disneyland. (1962)

The Art of Cinema #391

Jail Bait
(Edward D. Wood, Jr; 1954)

Similar Images #12

Soap Opera (The Lester Persky Story)
(Andy Warhol; 1964)

Masculin féminin: 15 faits précis
(Masculine, Feminine: In 15 Acts)
(Jean-Luc Godard; 1966)

The Art of the Panel: DC #12

from The Super-Menace of Metropolis
(by Bill Finger, Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye)
(Action Comics #216; May, 1956)

The City: Philadelphia #9

Original Caption:

Philadelphia -- Once an exclusively male province, the profession of healing is being invaded by increasing numbers of women. "Lady Doctors" are no longer a novelty and some women already have become outstanding medicos. Here you see advanced students at the Women's Medical College lining the operating room and balcony to watch Dr. Chloe Fry, resident surgeon in Gynecology perform an operation. Enrollment at the college has risen 33% in the past few years, showing an increase by women in medicine throughout the country. (1946)